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Get to Know the Weird Part of The Roman Ancient Life

Whenever a place is a mention, you will get to remember some special features associated with that place. When the phrase Ancient Rome is mentioned, you will get several pictures in your mind about The Roman Guy and the whole Rome features. We are able to picture that because of the several shows and movies that have given us the history. Though these shows and movies give us some story, it is not the whole story. Some of their customs that you will read about will surprise you.

Ancient Rome life tells us that urine was very useful in their whole life. Urine business was so common that even the government itself had placed taxes on any sale of urine. The Roman Guy and all Romans used to go collecting pee at urinals in various public places. Some other people could visit various homes to collect pee for use in various daily chores.

Roman used to rely so much on magic for them to survive whenever they visited bathrooms. Whenever there was any constipation or diarrhea; one could feel like he was dying. In ancient Rome, it was a normal thing to die in the restroom. There was a belief that creatures lived in the Roman sewage system were bound to bit people on their way to the bathroom. Another theory was that methane would buildup and often ignite causing explosion underneath bathroom goers.

Most women in ancient Rome considered gladiator’s dead skin cells as the best aphrodisiac. Their dead cells were collected by The Roman Guy and turned to facial creams to be used as aphrodisiac. The face cream would be used by women on their faces since they believed that they would then become enticing to men.

There was a great attachment between an Ancient Roman and the amount of food one takes in a day. The Roman Guy who attended banquets would take large amounts of food and then take vomiting inducers to allow them to eat again.

When Roman gladiators passed on, their blood was harvested by The Roman Guy and sold in the market as medicines. The major theory here was such a fighter’s blood was the best medicine for epilepsy if consumed. Some other people would take the raw liver of the gladiators and eat that way. A doctor would make claims that they saw patients of epilepsy who drunk blood and got well from epilepsy.

The ancient Roman women used to dye their hair every other time. Though this dye wasn’t packaged in a special box, it was good for hair dying and often could be prepared by The Roman Guy.